Emergency & Exit Light Inspection & Maintenance

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Emergency Exit Lighting Can Save Lives

Smoke and loss of power are common occurrences during a fire emergency that can impair your ability to see a clear path to the building’s exit. Emergency and exit lights are designed to guide you and the other occupants of the building to safety during a fire emergency and are required for all commercial buildings. At Atlas Fire Protection, we offer inspection and maintenance services to keep your building’s emergency and exit lights fully operational and compliant with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) fire code as well as state and local codes.

Emergency Exit Light Inspection and Maintenance Services

During an emergency and exit light inspection, our technicians will determine if your lights are working properly by conducting a complete test of the system. NFPA requires that emergency and exit lights illuminate for a minimum of 90 minutes using battery operation. We perform annual 90-minute tests and monthly 30-second tests to maintain the lights and ensure they meet code requirements. We also inspect the bulbs, clean battery terminals, and check the lights for proper placement. After each inspection, we create a report to notify you of any issues with your emergency and exit lights and recommend any corrective action to restore your lights to peak performance.

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