Fire Extinguisher Installation in TN, GA, & AL

Serving clients across Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama,
and parts of North Carolina!

Fire Extinguishers Are Your First Line of Defense

Fire extinguishers should be easily accessible and ready for use at any moment. At Atlas Fire Protection, we offer a variety of fire extinguisher services including routine inspections, recharging, replacement, and training to ensure that your fire extinguishers are fully functional when you need them. Our services are available for both commercial and residential buildings across Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and parts of North Carolina. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection
in TN, GA, & AL

According to The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), state, and local fire codes, fire extinguishers should be routinely inspected. Our technicians are properly trained on fire codes and know the correct procedures to provide comprehensive inspections on both dry chemical and wet chemical fire extinguishers. We perform annual fire extinguisher inspections, 6-year required maintenance, and 12-year hydrostatic testing, so you can feel confident knowing your fire extinguishers are ready for use in the event of an emergency.

fire extinguisher installation in tn, ga, and al

Fire Extinguisher Recharging
in TN, GA, & AL

In the event that your fire extinguisher is discharged, tampered with, or damaged, it may require recharging to restore the correct pressure for proper operation. Although it is a slow process, fire extinguishers may also lose charge over time. We check the charge of your fire extinguisher during inspections to make sure they are functioning at full capacity. Whether you accidentally discharge your fire extinguisher or it is time for an inspection, our experienced team will make sure your fire extinguishers are fully charged and ready when you need them.

Fire Extinguisher Installation
in TN, GA, & AL

Do you need to install fire extinguishers in your new building or replace outdated extinguishers? We can help. We sell new fire extinguishers to protect your assets and keep your building code compliant. Our fire safety technicians can evaluate your building to determine proper placement for new fire extinguishers or inspect old fire extinguishers to evaluate the need for replacement. No matter what your fire extinguisher needs are, we have you covered!

fire extinguisher training in tn, ga, and al

Fire Extinguisher Training
in TN, GA, & AL

Fire extinguishers must be used correctly to function at their best. We are happy to train your employees on proper fire extinguisher use so they feel prepared to act in the event of a fire emergency.

Schedule Fire Extinguisher Services
in TN, GA, or AL Today!

We know that as a business owner or manager, you have enough on your plate. We keep up with your fire extinguisher maintenance schedule and contact you when it’s time for your routine inspection or required maintenance. From corporate offices to homes, schools, and hospitals, we work with a variety of customers across Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and parts of North Carolina, and we are ready to work with you too. When it comes to protecting your assets, you can count on the Atlas Fire Protection team.